Series: The Roman Imperial Coinage

Bibliography – Colleges and Universities The following is a “getting started” bibliography for ancient Mediterranean coins. ACE hopes that you will have the good fortune to find some of these already on the shelf in your college library. You may also be interested works listed on the “Bibliography for Younger Audiences” ACE CD , particularly if you are in pursuit of introductory discussions of coins accompanied by lots of images. Prices are listed for some works, but the books are often available for less through on-line sales. You can find more in-depth numismatics bibliographies online at these sites: Introductory Books on Ancient Coins of the Mediterranean 1. Carson Harper Collins, “This is not a book specifically about ancients, but it is probably the best, most accessible overview of coinage in general from the earliest days until The book is long out of print and not particularly easy to find, but it is a wonderful introduction to the entire field. Klawans which were written to provide an overview of Classical coinage for beginners.

Klawans Zander

The Emperor is depicted bare headed or laureate wearing a laurel wreath and is usually facing left or right. There are exceptions to the foregoing, however. Sometimes the obverse features the portrait or depiction of a member of the Imperial family and the reverse sometimes commemorates or propagandizes a significant event or Imperial accomplishment.

Klawans, Zander H. PM An Outline of Ancient Greek Coins; PM An Outline of Ancient Greek Coins; PM Handbook of Ancient Greek and Roman Coins; PM Reading and Dating Roman Imperial Coins; Lhotka, John F. M.D. PhD. PM Introduction to Medieval Bractates; PM Introduction to East Roman.

Praefectus Coins Obverse depiction: Personification of Pietas, seated left Obverse Inscription: Caligula standing left holding patera over altar – attendants victimarius on either side holding bull for sacrifice – hexastyle temple of Divus Augustus festooned with garlands in background. Sutherland, Spink and Sons Ltd, London, In my opinion, the most comprehensive and reliable reference for use in cataloging and attributing Julio-Claudian coins.

This volume is a monumental reference for Julio-Claudian coins that offers a wealth of information and an incredible array of coin photographs from the British Museum collection. Although hard to find and quite expensive, this book is a treasured addition for the advanced library. Durst, New York, A definitive study of the political and social factors attending the establishment and perpetuation of the Principate and its associated coinage.

Sutherland, Clarendon Press, Oxford, A superb historical study of the period and its coinage. Putnam’s Sons, New York,

1963 Reading and Dating Roman Imperial Coinage by Zander s Hardcover

I’d like to learn more. What do you suggest? There is so much to learn! It is one of the great pleasures of ancient numismatics. The known history of every ancient coin type is extensive, but many types pose questions that remain unanswered. Professional scholars and amateurs are researching many fascinating issues that remain unresolved.

May 26,  · I love Zander Klawans’ books, his “Reading and Dating Roman Imperial Coins” is the book that got me started as a teenager and sustained for for the first year or so that I collected.

Un volumen muy actualizado e imprescindible para los coleccionistas flavios. Antoninus Pius to Commodus”. Pertinax to Uranius Antoninus”. Se divide en tres partes: Valerian to Florian the Interregnum. Constantine and Licinius AD “. Valentinian I to Theodosius I”. The Tetrarchies and the Rise of the House of Constantine: Gordian III to Postumus”.


I’d like to learn more. What do you suggest? There is so much to learn! It is one of the great pleasures of ancient numismatics.

Lists and illustrates all types of the world coinage from to with valuations. pages READING AND DATING ROMAN IMPERIAL COINS. Zander H. Klawans

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Kleiner Photographs by Eugene Vanderpool, Jr. Coins of Gela, L. Farsuleius Mensor, and Probus Title page: The Agora in the 5th century B.

reading and dating roman imperial coins The book does as it says: it teaches you to read and date Roman Imperial coins. Features include an explanation of denominations and inscriptions, a table of names on coins relating to names in history books, common reverse figures, mint marks and a list of all emperors with a paragraph on their life and.

Enhanced by How to read inscriptions on Roman coins Almost all Roman coins show a portrait of the emperor and a selection of his names and titles. The following example demonstrates this and shows how inscriptions can be used to date coins. AVG ustus Most emperors also took the name of the first emperor Augustus. Gradually it came to mean senior emperor. ARM eniacus The Emperor’s religious, political, military and honorary titles are often included. During the Roman Empire the Tribune’s powers were taken by the emperors and renewed each year.

In this case we can see that they were taken for the 21 st XXI time. Because we know that Marcus first took the power during the reign of his father in AD , we can date the coin to AD

Introduction to Julio-Claudian Roman Imperial Coins

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EMPIRE COINS. Auction of 31 March with Prices Realized indicated KLAWANS, Z.: Reading and Dating Roman Imperial Coins. Roman Imperial Coins in the Hunter Coin Cabinet, University of Glasgow. Volume II (Trajan to Commodus). Oxford, pages of text, fine collotype plates.

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They are not far behind Brazil in this regard, and they extol the superior flavor of their highland beans. Raymond was considered to be the dean of American numismatists in the years to Klawans has just been published. There is an explanation of how to cope with Roman names and their abbreviations and how to decipher the inscriptions that encircle the head on the obverse.

There is also an alphabetical index, in several pages, of names of the emperors just as they would appear on the coins. Then the figures that are seen on the backs of the various coins are discussed.

My Ancient Roman Coins