MLK’s Final Year: An Interview with Tavis Smiley

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Tavis Smiley on Obama and MLK’s legacy

December 14, 9: Their mind was made up. Smiley, revealed a pattern of multiple relationships with subordinates over many years, and other conduct inconsistent with the values and standards of PBS. Variety reported that the PBS investigation found Smiley engaged in sexual relationships with his subordinates after 10 reports from witnesses, men and women, of varying employment levels.

Most were former staffers, according to Variety.

Mar 25,  · Host Tavis Smiley leads a discussion between African American scholars, opinion makers, analysts and elected officials, in the landmark gathering in Chicago for the special presentation of .

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You’d be hard-pressed to imagine a more cringeworthy pairing than accused sexual harasser Tavis Smiley and Fox host Tucker Carlson, but that’s exactly what viewers received Monday night as.

Do you understand how that can be viewed as an abuse of power? I own my company. PBS distributes my content. But if Tavis wants to speak about nuance, power dynamics have to be a real part of the conversation. Did you ever fire anyone you were in a relationship with? You think if Bill Gates asks for an engineer at Microsoft to be fired that the person will have a job next week?

The suggestion is wild.

The Tavis Smiley Show

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Joyce Ladner I have been around a long time. I have seen a lot. I started out as a young woman with some of the nation’s top leaders. Most have done well. Most remember where they came from. Therefore, it is very unfortunate that I must call out Tavis Smiley, a man my late mother would have called an “educated fool. He has shown grave disrespect not only toward Senator Barack Obama but toward Michelle Obama as well.

What did he do? He invited all three presidential candidates to speak at his summit or whatever he calls it, to be held this weekend in New Orleans. Senator Hillary Clinton accepted. Of course she accepted because she needs all the free publicity she can get. She also wants to try and repair the damage she and Bill did in his racial tirade against Obama in South Carolina. In a letter to Smiley, Senator Obama wrote:

Tavis Smiley: A Letter to Obama, In Gratitude and Love

He blames him 4 everything else so I am sure conspiracy lurking somewhere — Tori Who in the blue hell is Tavis Smiley!? One quit, one failed, one ruined my history book. Overtalking is not knowledge!

Tavis Smiley filed a lawsuit against PBS on Tuesday, saying that the organization used allegations of sexual misconduct against him as a pretext to end a “tense” relationship.

Eight years to be exact. Funny how friendships can get funky, but sometimes in life, you have to fight with your friends. That said, let me first say, thank you. Thank you for your stewardship. Thank you for your sharp skills and your smooth sophistication. Thank you for seeing the world as it is, not as we wish it to be. Thank you for bringing reason, comprehension and good judgment back to the West Wing.

Please leave some of that behind for your successor. Thank you, and your precious family, for making the White House a scandal-free zone these past eight years. You were the best choice for America. I have tried to frame my progressive critique of your administration in this way:

10 Thoughts On The “Off-ness” Of Tavis Smiley’s “Good Morning America” Interview

Smiley took an interest in politics from an early age, and in high school was voted class president and “Most Likely to Succeed”. He attended Indiana University where the death of a classmate at the hands of the police first made him aware of the issues facing the African American community. Convinced that he wanted to pursue a political career, he spent a semester as an intern in the office of Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, and graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Law and Public Policy.

After graduating, he returned to Los Angeles where he worked as an advisor to the City Council president and ran unsuccessfully for a council seat. Soon after his electoral defeat, Smiley started the Smiley Report, a 60 second radio news commentary. Throughout his career, Smiley has used his visibility to lead numerous successful public advocacy campaigns, among them, saving the popular Fox television show Living Single from a scheduled cancellation, convincing Sotheby’s to donate slave artifacts intended for auction to an African American history museum, and pressuring prominent marketing and advertising firms to spend more money in the black community.

Is Tavis Smiley’s State of the Black Union more important that the union of the United States during a Presidential race in the time of war? Strategic Tavis Smiley has nothing better to do that to feed parasitically from the momentum of Obama’s campaign.

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Rain Pryor

Cornel West with Barack Obama in ; West has become sharply critical of the president since. Cornel West and Tavis Smiley are undoubtedly two of the most important figures in black intellectualism and political action in my lifetime. West is probably the most important voice to have helped shaped African-American identity in recent years, and his Race Matters is one of the most necessary books in American history.

Smiley family history begins in , when Thomas Smelie was noted as a witness in Glasgow. Some noteworthy members of Smiley genealogy are journalist Tavis Smiley, map thief Forbes Smiley, and Pirates and Reds pitcher John Smiley.

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Tavis Smiley On Michael Jackson: “Michael Died Over Greed” + Michael Jackson and Prince Rivalry