For translation of documents required by the embassies (Russian to English) costs range from R200 per page. We also offer translators/interpreters for business meetings, market research, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, general written docume

ntation/emails and tourist excursions. We even offer assistance with making restaurant reservations, general car hire and hotel bookings etc. ''Please feel free to treat our staff as your own personal assistant, they are there to help and adjust to your needs''.

You never need to take an interpreter on a business trip overseas again. Why pay expensive flights, hotels bills and meals when we can organize translators for you in virtually every major city and town in the world for as little as Euro's 36 per hour. Many of our business clients face problems with the language barrier when speaking to overseas clients over the phone or sending emails in a foreign language. We will appoint you your own personal translator/interpreter who will contact your overseas customers and suppliers and explain to them what your exact requirements are. (All phone call charges to most major land line destinations are included in our prices saving you 100s of euro's in phone bills).

Prices per hour (minimum 4 hours per day). Standard Translation/Interpreter, 36 Euro per hour: This service is for general, non technical business meetings, exhibitions, reservations, tourist excursions, market research and speaking with your clients over the phone on your behalf. (please note that the translator will have fluent or almost fluent knowledge of the languages concerned, is native Russian speaker and will normally live in the country that you are doing business with).