Student Visa to UK

There are two main student visa types to the UK.

Visitor student visa to England (up to 6 months) which does not entitle you work in the UK while studying. This visa is normally for persons attending English language courses or learning that does not have a recognised qualification on completion.

For students under 18 years of age, the organisation supplying the tuition must be an approved UK training provider. For this type of visa our standard charge applies, 3000 ₽ per aplicant.

Student Visa to England (points based system). On 31st March 2009 the student visa aplication form was changed and now consists of 3 parts, which includes a scoring system applied where you must reach 40 points to be able to apply. This visa is normally for those studying more than 6 months and will receive a UK recognised qualification from an approved UK Institution, University or College once the course is completed.

This visa also entitles the applicant to work part time in the UK while studying and full time during holiday periods. For this type of visa our fees are 4000 per applicant.