Marriage Visa to UK

Everyone’s circumstances are different and each case is unique so it will be required that you meet with immigration advisor to discuss your case. The initial consultation is free and takes 30 minutes. All work conducted theirafter is on a no visa no fee basis.

  If you are refused the visa you will not pay anything other than the consulate fees and the appeal will also be done for free. The average cost for such services will be in the region of R5000 to R10000 depending on the complexity of the case. When applying for your Fiancee visa the British embassy will not offer advice on what documentation you should supply so the rule is the more documentation you submit, the better. From our experience you are required to supply the following information.

1. For your visa to England it is important that original documents are supplied whenever possible. Photo copies are perfectly acceptable but some documents may need to be notarized.

2. I will need to understand how you met and the time that you have spent together.

3. Fiancee Visa Application Form (we will complete this for you).

4. Printed copy of the online application form.

5. Case history (we will help you prepare this letter).

6. How you met and places that you visited together. A proof that you have serious intentions and that you know your future husband. Photographs of visits together.

7. Photographs of you both on holiday together. Photographs of family celebrations, visits to Russia, birthdays and religious celebrations etc. It will help a lot if you can demonstrate that you have met each others families.

8. Correspondence together. Phone bills, Letters, Emails and chat messaging (Skype or yahoo etc).

9. Spouse UK Passport (Proof that he is British) or notarized copy. Your partners Original Birth Certificate (Copy will be held by the Embassy). Your Birth certificate (It needs to be translated into English).

10. Your new partners Original Certificate of the Divorce (If he/she is divorced) and certified/ notarized copy of your divorce (if you were divorced) translated into English.

11. A letter from your partner confirming his proposal of marriage. Copies of your partners Bank Statement showing that he can support you in the UK. Evidence of other sources of income. Shares and bonds etc. Do you have savings and property in Russia, proof will be required.

12. Does your partner own his/her own home, please supply proof. If your partner does not own his/her own property then Tenancy Agreement of where he currently resides and a letter from the landlord confirming that you can stay at the property.

13. Letter from your partners employer. It should be signed by senior manager/Director stating your partners salary, years of employment, character reference and job description. Copy of his employment contract (if available). (Proof that he can afford to provide you reasonable standard of living). 3 months wage slips and one end of year P60 (your partner will know what a P60 is, but it is to show the amount of tax paid to the government).

14. Any other documentation that can prove to the embassy that you are bona fide applicants. The most important thing is that all the applications forms are filled out correctly and that you supply as much documentary evidence as possible.

Please note, that you will more than likely be refused should the application form be filled out incorrectly.